A game of rubles

Border Clash Results in Latveria Victory!

Once again the peace loving people of Latveria were forced to defend themselves and the rule of international law from the deprivations of the chaotic state of xxxxxxx.

Within the last few months raiders from the chaotic state had been harassing innocent and noble citizens of Latveria. Our glorious leader wanting no more than peace had repeatedly tried to get the so called Government of xxxxxxx to stop these raids but nothing was done.

After a particularly brutal raid the people of Latveria could take no more and the armed forces were released. A glorious attack led by the 1st Tank Regiment smashed through the disorganised defenders and even a underhanded and sneaky ambush by the enemy could not stop the break through. The enemy were quickly scattered and many senior officers taken prisoner.

A buffer zone has now been created along the border with xxxxxxx and Latverian forces have started holding key areas such as industrial and oil facilities to stop their destruction by uncontrolled xxxxxxx forces.




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