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Ructions In Dorkskov Parliament

UN Delegation DIspatched

The fragile coalition governing the free and democratic state of Dorkskov is reported to be on shaky ground, as reports are leaking out of the Prathausz, Dorkskov’s historic parliament building, of fierce arguments and rifts following the Latverian annexation of the Vulga Valley.

Acting Prime Minister, Yuriy Piezkopf released a statement claiming that he had the full support of all his coalition allies, and that a diplomatic delegation had been sent to the UN as the first in a series of measures to rectify the Vulga crisis. Sources close to the Prathausz hinted however that the delegation’s true mission might be to solicit support from the US or one of the other Security Council members.

Meanwhile the official state news agency, Honneztia, released photos of what it claimed were scenes from the Vulga Valley under Latverian rule. The photos appear to show civilian refugees being rounded up and detained in camps, where red uniformed warders oversee their participation in so-called pro-Latverian “fun activities”. Amnesty International have released a statement condemning Latveria’s actions whether the stories are true or not “We can’t let waiting for the facts to be verified get in the way of our righteous indignation at these outrages.” a spokesman said.



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