Dorkskov Army List

Dorkskov air assault Battalion
3 Companies air-assault infantry
1 Specialist troops (assault)
1 Mortars
2 Helicopter Gunship units

Elite troops from the Air Assault Regiment , known colloquially as “Paratroopers”, although they are more likely to be inserted by helicopter than parachute drop. These troops normally form the spearhead of any offensive military action by Dorkskov, with a Mobile Strike Battalion in support.

Mobile Strike Battalion
1 Armoured Company (M48s)
2 Companies Mobile Troops (Commando AC)
1 Anti-tank attachment (Sheridan)
1 Recon (Commando AC)

Given the relative rarity of tanks in Dorkskov, these units fulfil the roles normally carried out by armoured forces – with a small cadre of M48s supported by fast-moving armoured cars.

Motorised Infantry Battalion
3 Companies Motorised Infantry
1 Anti Tank (Sheridans)
1 Recon (Commandos)

Mechanised Infantry Battalion
3 Companies Mech Infantry (M113s)
1 Anti Tank (Sheridans)
1 Recon (Commandos)

Dorkskov’s infantry is roughly 1/3 mechanised, 2/3 motorised

Armoured Battalion
1 Heavy Company (M60s)
2 Armoured Company (M48s)
1 Recon (Commando)

Rarely deployed

Dorkskov Army List

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