The Mouse That Farted


Nation Generator

3 Small. Between 1 and 5 million population
2 Industrial Resources
6 Luxury Goods Soap
5 Somewhat Rural
12 years behind western world (1980)
5 Limited Heavy Industry
14 Dysfunctional Democracy
1 Government viewed as entirely illegitimate
1 Extremely unpopular
5 Off shoot or alternate denomination of regional religion
4 Corruption is commonplace
7 Moderate cultural coherency
4 Ancestral Ties

Pressing Issues:

Armed Forces

Tactical Doctrine – 8 Combined Arms

Air Force
Focus – Air Mobility
Status 4 – Very Limited
Air Force Year = 1987

Armoured Forces
Focus – Armoured Cars
Status 3 – Very Limited
Armoured Year = 1974

Elite Unit – Paratroopers

Source of weapons – US
Level of Support 4 – Somewhat Limited
Training Level 8 – Solid training
Morale Level – 14 Steady Morale


The Grand Duchy of Dorkskov was a small independent state located on the banks of the River Klompf. It was founded in the late 15th century by settlers from the Germanic states fleeing east. It managed to maintain a degree of independence up to WW2, when it was absorbed into the Soviet Union.

With the fall of the Iron Curtain, Dorkskov became one of the many former Soviet states attaining independence through a peaceful revolution. Its relatively tiny size and lack of any real value spared it from any potential attempt by Moscow to reassert their rule. However the path from communist dictatorship to democracy was not a smooth one, and candidates from 73 different political parties contested the country’s first election. This naturally led to an inconclusive vote and a hung parliament. The only solution was a coalition government-by-committee sharing power between a dozen or so of the more powerful political blocs.

The Committee For a Free and Democratic Dorkskov has not proved to be a popular or effective form of leadership, and the vast majority of the population question whether its formation was even legal under Dorkskov’s hastily cobbled together constitution.

Unlike many other ex-Soviet states, Dorkskov did not inherit any significant quantity of ex-Warsaw Pact equipment, beyond small arms and softskin vehicles, as the Red Army didn’t have a large presence in the tiny state. The new Democratic Dorkskov were able to establish diplomatic and trade links to West Germany, which many Dorkskovites trace their heritage to. With the Germans acting as middlemen, Dorkskov were able to acquire an assortment of obsolete US equipment with which to equip their armed forces.


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