Nation Generator

10 Massive. Exceeds 50 million citizens.
2 Industrial Resources
4 Building materials
7 Cheap labour
10 Control of vital territory
9 Largely urban
3 years behind western world (1989)
1 No heavy industry
35 Charismatic strong man regime
8 Viewed as very legitimate
2 Very unpopular
6 Follows major religion not common in region
1 Corruption is endemic and unavoidable
1 Non-existent coherency
1 Neighbouring nation
2 Nation in region
7 Super power

Pressing Issues:
Very unpopular
Corruption is endemic and unavoidable
Non-existent coherency

Armed Forces

Tactical Doctrine – 1 Light, mobile troops

Air Force
Focus – Air superiority
Status – Moderate
Air Force Year = 1979

Armoured Forces
Focus – Light tanks
Status – Plentiful
Armoured Year = 1980

Elite Unit – Mercenaries

Source of weapons – Russia/Soviet Union
Level of Support – Well supported
Training Level 6 – Acceptable training but lacking practical experience
Morale Level – 6 Cautious


The Sultanate of Latveria is a large independent state located on the coast of the Grey Sea. It was very recently founded as a country after the fall of the Soviet Union after border disputes with various nations couldn’t be resolved.

Latveria is a nation at odds with itself, the ruling elite is predominantly Muslim while the vast majority of the population is Christian Orthodox. The ruling elite live in the country side in idyllic country estates, the majority of the population in urban slums. The ruling elite dream of the old glory days of the Ottoman empire and the common man dreams of where his next pay check will come from. All that is holding this together is a an individual called Konrad Karakut (Black Wolf), a charismatic and strong willed individual who through use of rhetoric and threats has managed to keep the various factions in line.

The country has practically no heavy industry, a by product of the countries creation though it has an abundance of cheap labour and has the only deep water port for the Grey Sea.

The country is currently wracked with a number of serious internal issues and rather than attempt to change the underlying problems it looks like the Sultan has decided that appointing blame to its neighbours should be enough to keep the masses under control.

The military was given a vast surplus of obsolete and old ex Soviet equipment but this has planned up to the ruling elites romantic notion of the warrior spirit and life style. The airforce has a solid amount of Mig 23’s in various roles. The Army has access to a large number of PT-76s and T34s with a scattering of newer T55s thrown into the mix. Due to the fascination of mobility even the infantry is overloaded with old Soviet jeeps, motorcycles and trucks.

Of note though is the ‘Red Guard’. A Bde sized unit of former Soviet soldiers and advisor’s who report directly to the Sultan. These troops are paid more and far better equipped than the rest of the Army with access to T72s and BMP1s.


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